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About us

The Pixel Flow offers ground breaking services, worldwide.

We offer an assortment of amazing multimedia options that are assured to make your next project a huge success. We’ve helped start up companies acquire 7-figure investments and have developed award winning interactive web sites for feature films. We’ve branded household names and marketed to millions of people across the globe – with great success.
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We take pride in bringing you the best solutions available in excellence. more Transform the way you present yourself and take your business to the next level with The Pixel Flow.

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Increase your reach & improve return

Our team is spread out over the entire globe and our Agile Development Process allows us to keep track of all projects. Tasks are tracked and maintained through repository version control. Our client login area grants you the ability to check current tasks, provide feedback, and engage in our process immediately. Modern technologies and services such as Amazon Web Services, Jira, and git make us major players in the technology service field. American Idol and Fox run over 6 million concurrent users using the architecture developed by Senior Architect & Advisor, Anthony Wentzel.

Here are some other companies we’ve helped…


Scale as You Grow

From Enterprise level server configurations for applications, to large scale social projects, and extreme concurrent user loads – the AWS suite allows companies to grow as fast as their user base necessitates. We work in Configuring Server Instances, Content Deliver Network Storage, RDS Database Management, Elastic Load Balancing, Deployment, and Management.

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iOS & Android Development

Our team can assist in bringing your concept live and onto the Apple App Store or Android Market. We also are well versed in HTML 5 app development using Adobe PhoneGap and have experience crafting games using GameSalad.

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We Take Pride in Excellence

Wordpress is a powerful open source technology which acts as a highly customizable Content Management Solution. We will make your WordPress instance meet any technology requirements, look beautiful, and offer easy post launch content generation. We are a preferred partner of industry leader, WP Engine.

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Modern Technology & Standards

With the continued advancement of HTML 5, we offer standards compliant code which is ensured to work across all modern devices. We have been working in software development online since it’s inception and can guide you with excellence in launching your product with current best practices.

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Cross Browser, Cross Device

We utilize the latest in browser technologies with fall back support to incorporate late user adoption. Our team has a strong emphasis in responsive web design. Over 80% of current websites are not configured correctly to work across all modern devices and are missing out on an important user segment.

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Custom Development to Suit You

Our staff has an expertise in custom PHP, mySQL, and Oracle development. We offer complete framework design and development as well as options to utilize already existing MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, and more. Our applications are build using PHP unit testing, ensuring rapid development and quality assurance checks.

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Marketing & Content

What good is having a product, service, or website if you are not reaching users? We offer expert level organic SEO page ranking packages, pay per click management, local optimization, social media marketing, and advanced email newsletter subscription services. We have helped establish and organically build social channels as large as 7 million followers. Some of our partners in this sector include: Google, Adobe, and Salesforce.

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Rapid Development & QA Testing

Building a successful website that generates conversions is not the end game. Continuing to optimize and refine your products performance is a key to continued growth. We offer Rails Development with both pre and post launch quality assurance testing with unit testing and benchmarking.
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You’re team is amazing… Our clients love it!

HATCH Beauty

You went above and beyond for us…

Metro Design

Our Team

Mr. Caesar is well versed in internet technology, user interface design, project management, online marketing, and business development.

He takes pride in helping companies start or grow. His last three projects have seen 7-figure returns.


Mr. Wentzel is a seasoned veteran of Server Architecture and has mastered modern programming languages such as: PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, and mySQL.

When he is not behind a Terminal Screen he enjoys time in Beverly Hills with his family.

Mr. Spillman had his hand in the development of brands such as eBay, The Coffee Bean, and has also worked as a consultant for The Walt Disney Corporation.

He also is a Father to Triplets and loves to dress as a Pirate on Halloween.


Mr. Morland is an Oracle Certified Master. He is also extremely well versed in Architecture, mySQL, and Actionscript.

He regularly consults for FOX and other Fortune 500 Companies. If he is not home, you’re likely to find him in Vegas.


Mr. Cazan is a senior level frontend developer who specializes in advanced high-performance and well architected JavaScript applications.

He also teaches college level courses and is a preforming noise composer.


Mr. Caio has an eye for elegance. His refined design skills offer engagements across all mediums. Web, mobile, and print applications shine with his touch.

He regularly travels across the globe and is the Founder of the myVice clothing company.

Mr. Ketterer has a skill for web interface design and is a meticulous frontend developer.

When he is off work he enjoys adventures in his new home town, Seattle. He enjoys rain and skateboard deck art.


Mr. Spurlock is not only a master of film and television scoring but also an avid aviator.

When he is not flying high or writing beautiful music, he loves to play guitar with his Malibu based band.


Jic has always loved to create and regularly produces quality interface work for clients.

She also is a registered nurse and loves traveling - next up for her is a trip to Florida.


Mr. Mathison, AKA Jake the Wizard is a machine. He codes in Python, Ruby, PHP, and is learning the iOS platform.

When he is not coding on his farm in Kansas City, the Wizard is regularly found creating magic potions.


You’ve helped my music reach millions!

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My sales are on track to triple this quarter.

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